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Live broadcast and watch the Barcelona and Naples match

Watch the Barcelona and Naples match in a live broadcast

Barcelona vs Naples - Live broadcast

Watch the game link at the bottom of the post

The Barcelona match and its hosts Napoli will be a new test of the extent to which the players of both teams were affected by the pressure of matches, especially for the first who are struggling for the Spanish League title, while Naples has more space to rest its players after losing the opportunities to compete for the Italian league title logically

And for those who will miss watching the Barcelona and Naples match in a live broadcast, he can follow our accounts on social media and our reports during and after the match, in addition to our live coverage of the meeting

Barcelona and Naples match - direct

Watching the Barcelona and Naples match directly, it will be available exclusively on beIN SPORTS with full follow-up to the most accurate details of the preparations of the two teams in the absence of many Barcelona players due to injury, led by Serge Roberto and Jordi Alba

The live broadcast of the Barcelona and Naples match includes an analytical studio that includes exclusive reports, special statistics and analytical perspectives for beIN SPORTS guests, and you can 
watch the meeting on HD 1 in anglais

Live broadcast of Barcelona match over the Internet

In addition to television broadcasts, beIN SPORTS broadcasts the match in live, high-quality transmission on the Internet via beIN  with many viewing advantages

BeIN  offers many benefits to its fans, and it contains various sports and entertainment packages that cover all segments of society at a variety of prices and suitable for all

And to stay close to the Barcelona match wherever you are you can watch it on various mobile devices and personal computers
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